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Laos Nam Khan3 Hydropower Station Project
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Nam Khan3 Hydropower Station Project in Laos

The Nam Khan River basin is located in the Laos People's Democratic Republic. It is a primary tributary of the Mekong

River, lying on its left bank, and originates in Southwest HouaPhan province in Laos. The basin flows into The Mekong

River at LuangPrabang City. Of the three cascade hydropower stations of the Nam Khan River Plan, Nam Khan3 Hydro     power Station is the most downstream site, located on the main stream of the Nam Khan River in LuangPrabang province.  The dam is 31 km downstream from the LuangPrabang highway.

The dam river basin area is 7094 km2, and the average yearly runoff is 93.2m3/s. The initial normal pool level is 348m and  the rate of discharge is 176.8m3/s. The main hydropower station buildings include: diversion constructions, dam, diversion   engineering, transmission line, roads and bridges, running village, etc. The established installed capacity is 60mw. The guara-nteed output is 13.0mw and the annual energy output is 240.80 GW•h.


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